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Beautiful, luxurious, effortless & natural looking Silk Flower Arrangements on a monthly rental for your showroom, store, office, reception or home – see our gallery for our existing range of this sensible service

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Why Silk?

Why use silk sense

You know the importance of attractive offices both to impress visiting clients, and to provide a pleasant working environment for your staff. A key element in brightening up any office is a beautiful display of flowers. A decent arrangement of fresh flowers could easily cost up to R350 per arrangement and will probably last about four days before they start to get a little tatty. In most cases they will be dead within a week and then you’ll be reaching for the petty cash again to replace them. Before you know it, its costing you R1400.00 per month to brighten up your offices and then there’s the extra administrative work of ordering new arrangements and disposing of the dead flowers and their smelly water.

The Solution for you

SilkSense presents a revolution in decorative floral art for your office or showroom. SilkSense markets a range of world class, permanent floral art arrangements to corporate concerns throughout the country. Designed and arranged by top floral artists, our flowers are simply stunning… and they never die. Because we produce our beautiful floral art using premium, imported silk flowers, they keep their beauty forever. This means never having to change the water or throw out the dead flowers ever again. No more calling the florist in a panic just before an important meeting. Your arrangements will always look just as fresh as the day we delivered them

Time to change

A change is as good as a holiday they say, and we ensure that you will never be faced with the boredom of looking at the same arrangement day after day. Part of our sensible service includes the rotation of your displays every month. We have dozens of styles, colour combinations and sizes to choose from. Our initial appointment will include an assessment of your preferences and décor so we can place the flowers that best suit your style and environment. SilkSense is constantly sourcing examples of the latest trends and finest quality silk flowers, foliage and trees in the world. This means constant updates of style and content for your office environment.

Financial sense

You can enjoy the benefits of permanent floral art with monthly changes of design for a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers. Choose from a huge array of styles to suit your office needs.Once signed-up, we will install and change the SilkSense floral arrangements in your office every month so you never have to phone a florist again. You don’t even need to remind us – it’s part of the SilkSense service.

SilkSense – making sense of floral art needs for your home and corporate environment

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